this is the beginning.

I hate awkward introductions. You stand there, and feel that the two of you are under spotlights, holding your breath for that first impression. Exchanging names, sweaty palm handshakes, and uncomfortable silences. It is difficult to think of things to say.
The same is true for the first posting of this blog, but I will go through the motions anyway.

My name is Maddie.
I love taking walks through cities and finding things I wish I could claim as my own. Especially in Atlanta, where I live. It’s beautiful here and there are so many facets to its identity as a city.
I hate the fact that I am still so young (only 19) and have seen so little. That is something that I want to change.
I love my school. Georgia Tech is exactly what I wanted in a college. It has changed my life.
I hate that I can only pick one thing to do with my life. I want to work in international affairs. I want to be a starving artist. I want to work abroad. I want to save the world. I want to be a chef. I want to build things and change people. I want a family and don’t at the same time. I hate that I want so many things.
I love AIESEC. My LC is amazing. AIESECers are amazing. I can’t imagine my life without it anymore, and it has only been six months since I joined. It has had that big an impact on who I am and who I plan to become.
I hate that not everyone knows about how incredible AIESEC is.
I love to listen to your stories.
I hate that I have so little to share of my own. Hopefully that will change.
I love music – it is something I can’t live without. I am always searching for new artists to fall in love with.
I hate that I am so random and can’t keep a logical progression of thought.

there – I have been introduced. hopefully it wasn’t too awkward for you.


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