Nye says "Hey AIESEC!"

“[A] form of liberalism is social. It argues that person-to-person contacts reduce conflict by promoting understanding. Such transnational contacts occur at many levels, including through students, businesspeople, and tourists. Such contacts make others seem less foreign and less hateful. That, in turn, leads to a lower likelihood of conflict.”
– Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
Understanding International Conflicts: An Introduction to Theory and History

umm… i’m pretty sure someone at AI needs to cut this man a check for some free advertising….

anyway – i’m sitting here studying for my test at 9 in the morning (its about 2:45 at the moment…) and reading about the interaction capacity of international and transnational actors in the pre-modern era from a liberalist perspective, and all i can think of is how @ is infiltrating every aspect of my life, even my classes. not a complaint, by all means, but just an interesting observation. how an organization that i was forced to attend six months ago is now such a major part of my life. i know i touched on that in my last post, but it is still so incredible to me.

for real – i need to study now.

for some reason this decided it did not want to post until now…. stupid bloggerface.


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