stress? what stress?

i feel like my brain is about to explode. i say that, and i realize i say that quite a bit. but, believe me when i say that it is a pertinent possibility in the next few days.
presentations, papers, tests, reviews, preparations, attempting to sleep and eat and maintain my ability to function without biting people’s heads off.
it’s a lot to handle. and i hate that i am complaining about it which i feel like that is all i am doing. don’t get me wrong – i love all of the things i am doing and am passionate about doing the best i can for all of it – but i am worried about my ability to do the latter. i want to do so well and keep pushing myself to do well for it, but how? ideas?

i think the only way i will relax this week is to here from MENA LDS. i need to know. now. i want morocco so badly. pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssse, let me go!!

ok, back to banging my head against a brick wall…


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