when I found out that I was not going to Morocco for spring break, I almost started crying. my heart broke a little bit. and i lost the motivation to do anything. even AIESEC, which is a big deal for me. i mean, i’m not angry at the CC, just disappointed.

and then i trudged along to a meeting, still upset and confused and unsure what the next step was. and a comment came up in the meeting about how strange it would be if two integral members of our LC had not stayed with the organization – and how lost we would be without them.

right there was my motivation. I wanted to be that motivation and inspiration for someone else. i want to share with someone how amazing AIESEC is and have it completely change their life.

and here i am, remotivated. i still don’t know where i am going from here, but i know i am at least going.

#sidenote: i bought my first suit today. i have never felt so old. and broke. but i better look good at the BOA meeting on thursday.


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