oh silly.

so RoKS was fun. i went in excited – and it was great to see so many kids that i met at WSC. really good sessions were had – and i had so much fun being a Facii. i mean – i feel i could have done better, but its an amazing experience! we had a little trouble with the partying issue…soon to be resolved i hope…we’ll see. but good. yay roks and yay aiesec. (speaking of which – I am now on national leadership team!! yay!)

but now, before i leave for morocco and spain (yay! 9 days!) i need to focus. i need to go to class and figure what the hell is going on in my life. and what i am doing with it. i need to find a way to make me work. and get stuff done. and not skip class.

ok meeting time.

ps. bought lottery tickets – i want in on $340 million!


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