7 days of waiting….

one week.
one week from right now i will be arriving at the airport to go to morocco.
one fucking week.

it seems so far away, but i know that i don’t have enough time to get everything done that i need to. like buy clothes. and sleep. and find my head. and find an amazing book to change my perspective while i am traveling (open to suggestions people!)

talking to preston, and getting ridiculously excited about my time in valencia. i can’t believe how much fun it is going to be. i don’t even have a plan, which isn’t that strange for me, but i’m waiting for him to take me to an amazing place like a native. oh god – i am excited.

also excited about joining national leadership team. talking to charlie and andrew has got me so pumped to start working. i want so much for AIESEC here at Georgia Tech, but also improving what we have as a nation. i love AIESEC, and i will do anything for it at this point.

i think that i have stated my excitement level is high multiple times in the past few sentences. but i’ll say it again: I AM SOOO EXCITED!


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