follow the leader leader leader, follow the leader

was recognized at the Omicron Delta Kappa for my role at Georgia Tech as “freshman leader”.
basically it was about 40 people getting a piece of paper that deemed us leaders of our class. kind of a farce if you ask me, but it was an interesting perspective on my future at the school, as well as the future of AIESEC at Georgia Tech. so much of what they were talking about as necessary for a sustainable organization and leadership development i have already found in AIESEC.

it was interesting some of the things that they talked about. especially the concepts of Ubuntu and conviction in action. i understand why, even at the most frustrating and struggling times, i continue with my work in AIESEC. because i have conviction not only in its mission and vision, but also its ability and influence, especially in my life. leadership is conviction. and action. and the ability to translate both.

it made me think a lot about my future. where do i go next?


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