choices choices

i have been thinking about the decisions i will have to make this year. actually they have been in my thoughts for the past few weeks. they’re big – and i am not sure what my choices will be. it’s kind of scary, actually.
before AIESEC, i had a definite plan for my life. my job was decided, where i would live, when i would graduate, what i would do, who i would look for. i had them all planned down to the year. my entire life was laid out before me – no distractions, no side routes. all i had to do was follow it.
but now. now, i don’t have that plan anymore. there are all these things that i want to do – that i want to see before i graduate, or start in the real world, or get married (yeesh – marriage is a scary to me).
i realized that planning it out didn’t leave enough room for me to grow. i didn’t expect a lot of things coming at me, but they did – and i have changed because of them. actually, a lot of unexpecteds were thrown my way. my plan just didn’t deal with that. so it is scary, yes, but so incredible and liberating at the same time. i have the opportunity to do whatever i want, i just need to make a choice. the problem? too many opportunities. where do i go from here? this year is still new, i can still make resolutions.
so – inspired by this, i started thinking about this year and where i want to be at the end of it. here goes.

– be amazed by india. be impacted. come home changed. pass on the impact.
– really focus on school. be an active student. study more. keep HOPE.
– make the decision by october 1st. yes or no.
– be a mentor.
– have seen 10 countries. (on the list right now – USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco. soon to be – India, ???)
– be proud of the past year and what i have done with it.
– be ready to take on anything in 2008.

bring it on, 2007. i’m ready.


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