official looking forms scare me.

So school is over. My first year at Georgia Tech, finished. It’s a surreal feeling, and I have never felt so old.
Want to know what else is surreal? I am leaving for India in a few weeks.
I have been looking at flights, travel information, and things like that all day. I think it is finally hitting me that I am actually going. And it is a little scary that I am not completely prepared. I mean – there’s not much I can do but buy plane tickets, get some stuff together, and fill out official paperwork – which I have decided that I am terrified of… I mean it’s not an irrational, debilitating, impossible fear – but it is just so scary looking.
But anyway – back to India prepping. I don’t know where to go from here. I am sending off my visa application tomorrow, hopefully buying plane tickets tonight (after five hours of searching and comparing prices), and getting some organization for stuff to bring. I probably should just sit down and make a list.
Sorry I am so distracted – this is all a little overwhelming.


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