first task.

find out what you want to do in India.

oh my – easier said than done…

I have been sitting at work for about 3 or 4 hours now. on facebook/nomadlife/email. i don’t know what to do – i need to figure out what i want to work on, where i want to visit while i am here…decisions i am no good at making. i know i definitely want to work with HIV/AIDS in some way, but what else i am not sure. i want to see Agra, the Himalayas, and Amritsar for sure – but there is so much to see here that i don’t know if that is enough, or what else to do. i definitely need to sit and read my India book. and get an adapter for my Lappy – none of the ones I have work 😦 I also need a phone card to call Mohmoh, I know he is impatient to see me. and he will be influential in figuring out where to go.
other news – I am going to a conference over the weekend – in Delhi. Now Delhi scares me to death, it’s so loud, colorful, and crazy – and I kind of like that – it feels like I am being adventurous, but I know I am just telling myself that so I don’t feel bad for being the biggest scaredy-cat i know. i am excited because it is a conference for trainees, so that should be fun. i need to brush up on my Bebot skills. 

i miss home already and that scares me. maybe i am not the big bad international traveler i thought i was. or maybe this is normal.


2 thoughts on “first task.

  1. Maddie love! I am so excited for you. It’s alright to be scared – just be sure you have all the adventures you’ve been dreaming about! I can’t wait to hear more about your wonderful summer – take care!

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