the Himalayas.

Weekend nomading ends in Shimla – a Himalayan town five hours north of Chandigarh by a nauseating, swerving, crowded bus. It was beautiful and relaxing – and a perfect example of India’s diversity.

Also home to the Jakhu Monkey Temple, a shrine for Hanuman – the monkey god who carried the mountain to save Rama’s wife, Sita. It made me want to read the Ramayana.

I think the best feeling about Shimla, however, was how relaxed I was. Nothing mattered except sitting and watching the sun move over the Himalayas. Forget the nauseating bus ride, the inability to sleep while sharing a bed with three other girls, waking up cold for the first time in months, and the soreness of climbing through the mountain town.

it was a place out of a dream,
and it makes kind of wish I hadn’t woken up. 


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