it’s been about a week since the last posting, and here is what’s been going down.

1 – drinking. too much of it.
2 – several trips to blue ice. which influenced number 1.
3 – bought a gorgeous sari. just waiting on the tailor to finish it.
4 – traveled with my boss around rural Punjab. met over 35 family members. was stuffed full of food. even when i said no more – they kept feeding me.
5 – started Youth Week. volunteering in Khajeri Village, a small slum within a colony. it is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
6 – every student (all 300 of them) at Khajeri Government High School now knows my name. and yell for me every time they see me.
7 – starred (with my roommate/co-worker Femke from the Netherlands) in a Punjabi music video. we were the random white girls dancing in the video – the ones we always make fun of. so, club dancing. in front of (and encouraged) by my boss. awkward turtle times 10. we’ll see when the video comes out.
8 – not enough sleeping. so tired.
9 – trying to get everything together so i can go home in one piece. easier said than done.
10 – simultaneously excited and sad to be heading home. in only five days.
11 – smoked shisha with awesome kids from around the world at mocha.
12 – ready for a day off.
13 – not ready to leave.
14 – trying to find presents for everyone. with hardly any money left.
15 – tik-he tik-he, five minutes. no problem.

so five days – and i will be heading stateside. america – you better be ready.


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