so i am sitting in my (smaller-than-expected) dorm room for the first time this year. i am without roommate (yay), with my own bathroom (yayyay!), and at a sort of loss what to do in the next few days. i know there are things i need to do (go to class, go to @ meetings, buy books, catch up with friends) but i’m not sure how to time it. i was such a rush to move in, so much so that i moved down with a box of clothes, dishes, and my bedding, and i wanted to be back at school so badly, but now that i am here….now what?

i found that question popping up a lot in my head the past few days.
you finished your first year, now what?
you worked in india, now what?
you have great plans for @GT, now what?
you’re here, now what?


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