this road is curvy, and sometimes its unexpected.

So – I will not be LCP for AIESEC at Georgia Tech in 2008.
And strangely enough, I am really okay with that. Preston is an incredible AIESECer, and I know that he is an amazing asset to AIESEC here and everywhere. Like I said before, the man is Captain AIESEC.
No worries, other AIESECers, I am nowhere near leaving. Although I will face the dire fact of being NFT’d in three months, I know that there is so much in this organization I can still achieve. And I am lucky that I will have the support of an marvelous LCP like the P-Rhea.

But it does throw into question – what am I going to do in the next year? (I’m quite open for suggestions! Please give me some ideas) I have a lot of choices, but each is as exciting as the next – it’s going to be hard to choose. But for the next few days, at least, I can relax. I am heading to Paris on Friday (YAY – SOOOOO EXCITING!) to see my brother, and I can’t wait to get there.


2 thoughts on “this road is curvy, and sometimes its unexpected.

  1. 1. Organize a local LDS as a way to connect with externals. Hook some of them into supporting your member development efforts, or into your BOA.

    2. Go abroad, then devise a program for supporting members returning from TNs. Lead the pilot program.

    3. Read “Selling to Win.” Sell.

  2. Being NFT’d isn’t necessarily a bad thing! You can spread out your activity from one team to many, and even across LCs much more easily when you don’t have all the commitments of a title! I’d suggest looking for something that you really want to work on that will help AIESEC, either locally or nationally, even if it’s not a pre-made role, and just go for it. Having that kind of ownership over your own leadership development is an experience in itself.

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