one year later…

so i got the wonderful chance to seriously enjoy some sushi with one of my favorite people ever tonight. i had not seen Sara for almost six months, and in high school we saw each other for hours every day, knew so much about each other, and promised that we would utilize our limited distance between us to take advantage of continuing some aspect of that.
well, due to complications, communication gaps, and my serious states-absence this summer, its been six months. and its not like you would have expected, it was in no way awkward for me (like it usually is) I was simple excited to see her, to be with her, and to have her a part of my life again. But it has been so long.
When we talked about everything that has happened to us since then, everything that has impacted the world we lived in in high school – it was strange. and it got us to thinking – what changes will there be in a year? in two? who will we be in five years?

certainly not who I was in high school. oh god, i hope not. i don’t even feel like a shadow of that kid that knew nothing of the world or herself, but maybe that is why i am doing all that i am doing. to get away from that. it’s hard to know what to keep and what to toss, kind of like everything in my life right now.

anyways, dear nomads, this is post number 100. hope you like it so far.


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