it’s february…already.

1. so excited about RoKS. in a month. This genius (also available here) told me to host an LDS – this as close as I can get at the moment, being the Conference Coordinator (in charge of content development and the FACI-TEAM. yes, they do deserve all caps.) – Any suggestions are most welcome, by the way.

2. i just finished my application to American University in Cairo’s Intensive Language Institute – a stint this summer that will hopefully be an introduction to the full year. More hopefully as a Boren Scholar/Fellow. Most hopefully living The Dream for a full calendar year.

3. I’m no lemming. I’ll find my own cliffs to leap off of, thank you very much. Lemmings, however, somebody should bring back. Especially to my computer. (later searching has discovered it here…thanks Firdaus)

4. I’m getting my life together. finally. And it is about fucking time.

5. AIESEC in Madison is incredible. Read their conversations about growth, community, organizational culture, and AIESEC…seriously. I spent most of my past week trying to keep up – exactly the way I pictured nomadlife working when I signed on nearly a year ago.

6. I am least sure what I want in my life this minute. But the most sure of where I am going with it.

7. I am craving, more than anything right now, a Spotted Cow and an amazing conversation around my hookah. Any takers?


2 thoughts on “it’s february…already.

  1. I can’t think of a better way to spend the last weekend in Feb, other than take a 15 hour road trip to SoCo RoKs for a two day long kick a** conference.

  2. ==> How to Micromanage the Proper Way.

    “Making your legions love you, one night at a time”

    The cognitive dissonance in the title should attract some attention and the methodology would probably be of value. Let me know if you’re interested in actual content.

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