start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…

Leaving for New York this afternoon with my fearless leader to step into a whole new fray – Subgroup.

I am slightly mixed about this trip – I am excited to be more involved on a national level (which I have not been able to do between being abroad, being sick, and becoming an NFT) and be integral (or hopefully so) in the direction of this organization. On the other and less pretty hand, there are some aspects of Subgroup that I find less than tasty – a great deal of transparency issues, favoritism, and interaction/dependency on external consultants (also issues that I have raised with national staff) make me wary of not only the efficacy of this group, but also its objectives.
I plan on entering the meetings this weekend with an open mind to the work that Subgroup does and the people involved with it, but also to constantly remind myself (and hopefully those that I will be working with) that everything we do in this organization, all the time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids – it is always to make the mission more attainable, the experience of the general member more meaningful, and to create a bigger impact in our communities, in AIESEC, and around the world. So much of the loss of focus on that mission and goal, or what I perceive of it anyways, is the loss of the bigger picture. We are part of something greater, and I think AIESECers in the US, particularly ones that have dedicated a considerable amount of time to the organization (even more so the ones that dedicate that part of their lives without experiencing the glory of the traineeship rocketship), forget that. So much of this organization depends on the belief that life is more than the sum of its parts, kiddo. AIESEC is the same.


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