on mint tea and goodbyes.

There is a crumbly rim of sugar on the edge of my tea cup, still steaming although its been sitting undisturbed for the past several minutes. Absentmindedly, I am stirring the escaped mint leaf around as I think about everything that is poured into that cup of tea, or poured into my life over the past two months.

I have been sitting here, in this café, drinking tea and avoiding the reality of saying goodbye to everyone who has left their thumbprint on my life here in Cairo – and then understanding that most of them will not be here when I get back. I am torn between that crushing reality and the happiness of me stepping out into Hartsfield-Jackson on Monday night and seeing so many people that I love that have been absent from my life for the past two months, and will be absent again after the first of September. What weighs more – the pending heartache over my friends that are leaving here, or the existing one for everyone in my non-Egyptian life?

I find myself avoiding the responsibilities of my life at the moment in my cup of tea, including answering that question. Although I know it isn’t true, I keep stirring pretending that I can drown all of those thoughts like a mint leaf, and they would dissolve like sugar.


2 thoughts on “on mint tea and goodbyes.

  1. i´m feeling the same way. crazy to think that 3 months ago you didn´t even know these people existed, and now they´re some of your best friends 🙂 awesome but sad at the same time, to think that in all of your travels (and i know you´ll have a lot), you´ll always be missing someone – but then again, it´s a hell of a lot harder to appreciate something fully if you never miss it. have a safe trip home, and hopefully i´ll see you soon 😀

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