In the middle of writing my first piece for my creative writing class (amidst the plethora of readings for Human Rights Law and Contemporary Political Islam and my new AIESEC work), and I realized how terrified I am of actually writing work to be reviewed by people who are serious as they describe themselves as authors and poets who live on their art and breathe and talk and sleep and eat words.
I have written, but not ever for anyone else – unless you count the random blabbery of this blog or the assignments from sophomore year at Central. This is going to be quite a step. We’ll see how it goes.

A note on Ramadan: Still going strong. I think, more than anything, I suffer from lack of sleep instead of lack of food. The boys just sleep until Iftar, which is highly impossible given I have a life to keep up with that does not function nocturnally. But with only a little over two weeks left, I think that I can ride it out – I just need to figure out what to do for Eid el-Fitr. I have a week at the beginning of October, and I could spend it either in Marsa’allam with AIESECers and roommates, in Spain with my beloved future roommate, or somewhere else yet to be decided. Insha’allah, kids, I will be doing something exciting.


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