odd relief.

a note on this fear: I completed not only my first story, but also was asked to be featured in the class critiqued by the professor, and quite literally made someone cry from it (though that was highly mortifying and unintentional). that’s a response I never expected. I also never expected to love the class so much – it is the only one that I consistently look forward to every week, and I feel both responsible and capable in it – like I know what I am doing. Writing and reading has become this one fixed point in the kind of cyclonic clusterfuck that has become my life in the past week or so. Like it’s the only point in my day that I can truly relax between the insanity of the city, the frustration of the school, and the drama of the apartment. Maybe it is something I should think about seriously continuing?


3 thoughts on “odd relief.

  1. I am glad you have found a high point in the clusterfuck. I can tell you from experience that the bottom of a clusterfuck is never any fun.

  2. i felt the same way in brazil…it’s like you’re connected to the words somehow and they just relieve you in a way that talking can’t sometimes…keep up with it, you’ll be surprised what you learn 🙂

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