Current Obsessions.

1. that new Katy Perry song.
2. Attempting to upload my pictures on the Facebook and Flikr. (failing, miserably)
3. These little gems.
4. Figuring out what happens when I get home in 7 months (stressycows.)
5. Love Lockdown and wishing I were as cool as Kanye West.
6. missing people, like tons.
7. the Existential Crisis of my Cairene life.
8. Finding a way to write and read more.
9. the Elections.
10. figuring out where to travel for Eid al-Adha, Thanksgiving, and Winter Break.
11. Moneys, and how horrible they make my life.
12. Convincing people to come and visit me.
13. Figuring out how I can meet Russell Brand.


3 thoughts on “Current Obsessions.

  1. a. I heart Kanye
    b. Russell Brand is bloody fantastic
    c. I hope you are having loads of fun discovering Cairo and new aspects of yourself
    d. big hugs from DC!!

  2. Oh god that came out more sappy/creepy/shady tree than I wanted it to. Oh well, throw in a few silly smileys and it’s all good.

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