a much needed reactivation

After a week filled with some existential crises, I’ve found out that I am on the Faci Team for ACTIVATE 2008 – Egypt’s NLDS. I’m pretty excited about it, and the 150 newbies that will be in my track. I guess it’s time to brush up on my dancin’ skillz.


One thought on “a much needed reactivation

  1. I understand that it might be a tall order, but from what you have told me about the stories that have made their way over to pyramid-land, we have something of a reputation to protect so . . . I need you to try as hard as you can to (as Benjamin put it) “stop time” . . . and as soon as you squeeze a date for that March conference out of that OCP, I’ll start looking into tickets . . . In closing: shake it hard, shake it often and shake it like EVERYONE is watching, because someday your knees and hips may explode rendering you unshakable . . . that is all

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