it’s Election Day.

Today, I am more homesick than ever. I know that if I had been home, I would have been horrified by the constant stream of ad campaigns and missing out on everything that I have been experiencing in Egypt. But the thought that tonight, the future of my country and my career is going to be decided. And I’ll be waiting up at 4am on the other side of the world, studying for my Arabic midterm tomorrow. I am anxious and excited and elated and terrified all rolled together.

Four years ago, I was 17 – too young to vote in the election. I was also extremely uneducated and uninterested in politics. I still wanted to be a doctor at that point, and I didn’t know the impact of the vote that was about to happen. I fell asleep while they were counting votes in Ohio and Florida, and in the morning, I was still indifferent to what had happened.

I’m not anymore. It’s election day, so go vote.


One thought on “it’s Election Day.

  1. i was homesick too. i wanted to experience this with people who really understood the gravity and were as happy as me. but i guess its part of the compromise we have to make when making any decision, especially one as big as living in another reality.

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