live from Ma-Crazy Street.

1. I got home from Turkey, and was kind of relieved to be home. I loved Istanbul though, and want to go back sometime soon.
2. I hate drama. The end.
3. Working on my paper. Attempting to work on my paper. Something to do with paper.
4. I’d rather be working on my portfolio, but I don’t really want to do that either.
5. AUC round 2 is almost done. Round 3 is creeping closer and closer.
6. My mommy is coming to Egypt. I’m worried that she will be terrified.
7. Realized walking through Zamalek that I won’t be Christmas shopping this year – no pushy people in the malls, no cinnamon scented stores, no peppermint mochas, no cheesy Christmas music – I won’t get any of that. And it made me a little sad. And I hate Christmas shopping. But I still realized I’m going to miss it. All of it.
8. I have a lot of pictures to be uploading. But I am not allowing myself to until after exams finish. You should be proud of that self-control.
9. I have gots no business socks.
10. 27 days until I head to London and Paris.
11. Lists might be the easiest way to procrastinate. And express my inability to form coherent sentences at the moment.


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