Khalas, AUC.

My semester just officially ended with my last exam. I am so incredibly relieved that it is over. And although everyone is talking about their plans for going home, I’ve got my own plan for the coming two month break. Not that I don’t want to go home – it just didn’t work out that way.

So – my plan:

Reading. I just borrowed 10 books from the library. yes, 10. There will be a lot of reading going on. And writing, insha’Allah.
Sleeping. So much sleeping will occur you won’t even believe it.
Finding a new apartment with fast internet and a comfy bed for said sleeping.
Traveling. Paris and London for sure, and hopefully somewhere else, too. Maybe Israel/Palestine or Lebanon or Jordan or Syria or Siwa or something.
Showing my Mom what living in Cairo is like.
Fixing things that have been broken.
Getting more involved with AIESEC again.
Working on my Arabic.
Seeing touristy things that I still haven’t seen since moving here in June.
Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Cairene style. With a touch of Americana.
Get ready to restart AUC in February.

And on another note – I was looking at my dashboard and basically the only thing on it are sticky-notes, the weather, and countdowns.
The weather is just a constant reminder that I live in the desert, but it’s not too different from Atlanta weather honestly. It’s about 60 degrees here pretty consistently, but it will keep dropping more.
The sticky-notes are mostly reminders – things I need to do, music I’m interested in, magazines and editorials that I want to look at getting subscriptions to in the states, and things like that.
But it’s the countdowns that got me really. Here they are:

20 days until London and Paris
1 month until Mommy comes to Cairo
3 months until Audie comes to Cairo

All exciting upcoming events in my life. But why I mention them at all are the next two:

5 months and 11 days until home
6 months and 19 days since you’ve lived in the sandbox.

I have lived in Cairo for more than 6 months. And I am well past my halfway point. And there are less than 6 left. There are times when I walk down the street and can’t remember what it’s like to see stoplights. Or street signs in English. I don’t know what it is going to be like not to listen to the call to prayer or smell limes and ta’amayia and shisha smoke when I walk home. Or when I was reading a website in Arabic and I didn’t even notice it. Life in Cairo has become so natural that I don’t even think about it, and that is both weird and kind of amazing too. It’s just hard to make sense of it all sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Khalas, AUC.

  1. Just wait until you come back and the most mundane things or the most common songs will remind you of Cairo.

    Every time I walk by the Starbuck’s by my library I think of Tunisia cause it smells like Coffee and Cigarettes.

    Keep on rockin’ chiquita

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