the Adventure Hat.

The Adventure Hat: (n) a hat like object worn in adventurous situations or to create an atmosphere of adventure when situations are already ridiculous. For example: Siwa Oasis, Egypt. Where, during a New Year’s Eve party, you are forced into participating in a bellydancing show.

And take obligatory tourist pictures.
And make friends with the locals, who take you on tours of their town by Donkey Cart, introduce you to their families, impart local sensibilities, and tell you that you, and your hair, cause problems. This one’s name is Gom3a.
And go sandboarding in the Great Sand Sea in the Sahara with some Bedouin men that sing you Arabic love songs.
And have breathtaking incredible moments. Like watching the sunset over the dunes and remembering how incredibly small you are. What a way to ring in the new year.


3 thoughts on “the Adventure Hat.

  1. Hah! “Forced” into belly-dancing my ass . . . the maddielynn that I know waits in line for those moments . . . ps asking my boss tomorrow for a week off in March 😉

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