A Proud American Abroad.

This is the man.


I am so proud, again. I can’t even begin to describe. Watching it, surrounded by other Americans in my apartment, it was a surreal, enlightening, exciting, incredible, indescribable moment. Even amidst Wolf Blitzer’s insistent buzz of analysis and commenting on triviality of things like Aretha Franklin’s odd hat (who cares? It’s the Aretha Franklin) – the amazingness of this moment shone through. And being here is a unique experience – I would be proud anywhere in the world, but being in the midst of the Gaza crisis, the Arab world, the disapproval of all things Bush – it’s going to be a different view today. More than anything, I think that this election and all the subsequent hope it’s bringing is going to also bring a change of paradigm, not only for the American perspective on how we view ourselves as well as how we see the world, but changing on how the rest of the world sees us. And right now, it has turned into a pretty good view.

In all the pre-inauguration excitement, I have been watching everything I can to feel like I am as much a part of the inaugration as possible. I found this awesome thing from the BBC called “Notes to Obama” – advice from some pretty incredible people to the new President, and the one from Maya Angelou is my favorite. (It’s funny to think that her poem for Clinton’s inauguration is almost more applicable now.)

I can’t stop thinking about this. How excited I am. How inspired I am. How incredibly proud I am.


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