reminders of @Love.

On Sunday, I hosted a dinner of a bunch of AIESECers who happen to be in Cairo – some Madisonians, @CU-ers, and interns – a tradition that I have adopted from our old LC dinners and am trying to implement here. I cooked an obscene amount of food, which of course was not even close to enough, and brought out the little Arab mother in me, making sure people were eating enough, had everything they needed, and were doing nothing but enjoying themselves while I ran around getting food, tea, and whatnot together for them. It was a great evening, getting to see people I hadn’t for awhile, and introduce new ones into the crowd that has become a mini-@Egypt family. And the lovely Denise, an @er from GT working here in Cairo, brought me one of the best gifts I have gotten in a very long time. Some love from home – in the form of a t-shirt and a card, which just about put me to tears.

I can’t even recall how many times I have gone on and on about AIESEC GT Love. But they are my family, my friends, my coworkers, and my inspiration. They remind me of how to live the Dream, and that while they make me proud, I constantly want to make them proud, too. I can’t explain how much I miss all of them or how truly special and unique what we have at @GT is. I’m a gushing mess of love for those kids.

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