Three Cups of Tea.

Reading books like this and learning about organizations like this act as both a positive and a negative.

The positive: Learning that what I am doing with my life has been done, can be done, and can seriously change the path of a community. That understanding culture, language, and people is as important to building bridges as stones and mortar. That someone else shares my fascination and dedication for the parts of the world people have written off. That Pakistan and Afghanistan are as beautiful and incredible as I imagine.

The negative: I’m reading about it, not doing it.

If you want to understand an important aspect to responsible ethnographic participative action research and development implementation, working with Islamic communities, and what I am attempting to do with my career – this book articulates a lot of what I believe. Everyone should understand the incredible potential of one person, one idea, and some tea.


2 thoughts on “Three Cups of Tea.

  1. Although I don’t know how on earth people can study communities and development from books, I find a very interesting analogy in your writing. Also, I really like your (about me). It is very indicative…

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