east of the middle.

the Way – الطريق
Asking, Learning, Understanding – االطّلب , التعلّم , الفهم~~~~~ 

the Travelers – الرحالون


Maddie – مادّي
Laya – لاية
Jessica – جيسيكا

Beirut, oh Beirut – بيروت يا بيروت 
“Beirut” – Nadia Tueini

Beirut of the hundred palaces and Beyte of the stones
Where people come from everywhere to build up statues
Which make men kneel down in prayer and make wars roar.

In Beirut in every house dwells a different idea
In Beirut every word is a parade
In Beirut men lay down thoughts and caravans

Whether she is a nun or a sorcerer
or both together…

Adored or cursed
Blood thirsty or blessed with holy water
Phoenician, Arab, or anybody
A Levantine with multiple vertigos
Like those strange flowers fragile on their stalks
Beirut is in the Orient the last sanctuary
Where man is clad in the color of light.


the Road to Damascus – الشارع إلى دمشق

There are no words to describe my love for this city.


the “holy land” – الأرض المقدسة

The entire time I traveled throughout Israel and Palestine, I always felt drawn to the question, “Is this all we are really fighting for?” I have yet to find an answer for that question.

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