look to the East.

There has been an unfortunate absence in the past six months on this blog (a fact which I hope to remedy quickly, but where is the time?) – but its time to move on to the next big thing: Syria. Today I fly to Damascus to participate in an incredible opportunity to work with the State Department in an internship with the Office of Public Diplomacy at the US Embassy in Damascus.

Right now, its an opportunity looming on the horizon – it doesn’t seem quite real yet. But tomorrow, I will be in Syria, working at an incredible time in US Foreign Policy, and ready for the next big adventure. Insha’Allah.


2 thoughts on “look to the East.

  1. You continue to amaze me!
    May your journey be blessed and full of opportunities. Continue chasing your dreams and taking chances and life will continue to present you with its magical mystery and beauty. I cannot wait to hear the stories you will have from this new adventure and, Insh’Allah, someday we’ll be able to meet up and catch up… hopefully in one of those tragically beautiful countries ‘East of the Middle.’
    Allah Maik!

    • ya Habibti.
      One day, I imagine finding you in the Souq, arms full of incredible things and beautiful as always. Insha’Allah. I love you, babe – and we should catch up soon. It’s been years since I’ve seen you!

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