small world, right?

So, after a sweet concert by the Chris Byars Jazz Quartet in an amazing venue filled with Ambassadors, members of Syrian high society (pinkies up, real fur coats, and everyone’s a cousin/friend/nephew/neighbor of someone else), and little old me (in my best attempt at a cocktail outfit with what I have with me and a smile that seems like I know what I am doing) – we sat down to a fun dinner with the band, my bosses, a few other Embassy officials, and the Chargé d’Affaires.

Fun fact about the Chargé? He grew up in Racine, Wisconsin – three blocks from the Racine Zoo – and went to Jefferson Lighthouse. So did I.  Small world, right?

He also helped me explain a Wisconsin accent, as well as the terms “oofdah”, “bubbler”, “donchaknow”, and “yaderheynow”.  Clearly, it was a winning evening.


One thought on “small world, right?

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