Fairuz wa Ahwa.

My first day in Syria, my boss told me nothing goes better with Syrian mornings than coffee and Fairuz. And this video, and the thought of one of my favorite people starting his year long adventure as a Boren scholar in Damascus – makes me miss Syria in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

Syria, unlike Cairo and India, did not carve a hole in my heart. I didn’t initially miss it everyday, but now – for whatever reason – I do. I miss wandering around and finding hidden treasures, listening to the Ummayyad’s Friday prayers, and the orange and pomegranate and tobacco scented streets. Perhaps its the combination of telling the story so many different ways and to so many different people –  preparing for taking the Foreign Service Officer Test this fall, preparing for this speech on Monday, writing resumes and cover letters and job applications. Or the fact that I’ve been in one place for so long, and craving an adventure somewhere, anywhere else.

One day, insha’Allah, I’ll get back to Syria. Until then, I will just sip coffee and listen to love in the summer.


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