an Independent Diplomat.


“And I began to realize that there are different ways of doing diplomacy, that diplomacy, like business, is a business of solving problems, and yet the word innovation doesn’t exist in diplomacy; it’s all zero sum games and realpolitik and ancient institutions that have been there for generations and do things the same way they’ve always done things.”

“What this means is it’s no longer good enough to say that international relations, or global affairs, or chaos in Somalia, or what’s going on in Burma is none of your business, and that you can leave it to governments to get on with…”

“…and I think that outputs is what matters, not process, not technology, frankly, so much either. Preach technology to all the Twittering members of all the Iranian demonstrations who are now in political prison in Tehran, where Ahmadinejad remains in power. Technology has not delivered political change in Iran. You’ve got to look at the outputs, and you got to say to yourself, “What can I do to produce that particular output?” That is the politics of the 21st century. And in a way, Independent Diplomat embodies that fragmentation, that change, that is happening to all of us.”

Carne Ross, Founder of Independent Diplomat, a non-profit diplomatic advisory group for disenfranchised or marginalized non-state actors.

TED Talks Partner Series: Carne Ross: An independent diplomat

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