awakening Spring.

In the soft rose and pale gold of the declining light, this beautiful evening, I heard the first hum and preparation of awakening spring—very faint—whether in the earth or roots, or starting of insects, I know not—but it was audible, as I lean’d on a rail (I am down in my country quarters awhile,) and look’d long at the western horizon. Turning to the east, Sirius, as the shadows deepen’d, came forth in dazzling splendor. And great Orion; and a little to the north-east the big Dipper, standing on end.”

– Walt Whitman, “Spring Overtures”

It’s been beautiful out, and all I want to do is read books outside and listen to good music. Today’s playlist by Oh, Pioneer! called “Kindle the Fire in Your Chest.” Download it and enjoy the sunshine. (Also, I’m in love with this website.)


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