“All that’s left here are the remnants of what was.”

“Exceptionalism is not a distinction that is bestowed and then lasts forever, like an honorary degree from a university…Exceptionalism must be earned everyday.” – Thomas Friedman

This film looks incredible. Like Bombay Beach, it is featuring the realities of American poverty, but also focuses on the power of individuals to create tangible impact in their communities. It seems like the film is fitting this particular year, as well, as the “culture of poverty” debate continues in American discourse and in the political grandstanding of the Republican primaries. Affecting poverty begins with understanding it, and understanding the needs of those trapped by it – something that politicians on both sides have seemingly failed to do. I sincerely hope that this film not only does justice to Detroit’s culture and history, but also to the people who are  hard at work rebuilding Motor City.

You can find more information on DETROPIA here and via their Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the film’s profile in the New York Times.


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