OFA: Women’s Week of Action

I’m honored to be featured in an Organizing for America – Virginia video focusing on the impact of women’s voices in this election. Everything I stand for in this Campaign, the reason that I dropped everything to be a part of this movement to re-elect President Obama is encapsulated in this video:

Respect, Empower, Include, Win.

That is how this Campaign is built. That is how we strengthen our communities, how we build our American character, how we pull each other up, and how we move forward. Everyone has a voice, everyone has a vision, everyone has a role in our nation. That is our history, that is how we will create our future.

Every day on this Campaign is an honor for me – I believe in what I am doing. I am passionate about making sure that our communities continue to grow, and I believe in President Obama’s vision for this country. Every day, I listen to people share their stories and talk about what is important to their families and communities. I am honored to share the screen with my incredible volunteers who give their time to represent the President. They are amazing and inspire me everyday with their voice and their passion.

The role of women and women’s voices in this Election are incredibly important because women and women’s voices are essential to this country and our communities. Don’t believe me? Ask the Washington Post. If you haven’t had the opportunity to take a look at what is at stake for women on November 6th, take a look here. Women’s rights aren’t just a health issue, they are a social issue and an economic issue. Just ask Gloria Steinem. Let’s hear women’s voices this year.

Use your voice, VOTE.


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