A Very Kochkor Thanksgiving


I thought, because of my trip to Jalal-Abad, I would not celebrate Thanksgiving with any of my families here, but through a sudden change of travel plans and the kindness of others, I got to eat turkey surrounded by Volunteers from Naryn (and other equally delighted guests who call other oblasts home). Among PCVs, Naryn gets a tough rap – it’s the coldest oblast, the furthest from things like pizza and peanut butter, the most Kyrgyz place of Kyrgyzstan. In retrospect, I probably would have requested to serve in Naryn if I had had a choice in the matter – although my sheep intake would have risen dramatically, my access to the Internet significantly lessened. But it’s beautiful, and the Volunteers down there are pretty incredible people. KochkorThanksgiving2

Pictures – Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Tori’s Kyrgyz Apa Toasting our Thanksgiving | Volunteers, Food, Thanks | Good spread, Good people.

Max and Casey singing, probably in Kyrgyz. | Music Enthusiasts: Tori’s Apa, Meghan, Larisa, Megan, Luther (hidden in the back), and Maryn.


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