Updates Around the Blog


There is a story behind this picture, although when I think about it – the story’s not all that exciting. The first one, on the main page of my site, was an accident. Taken by a friend on a hilltop in Shimla, India – it turned into something that was repeated in Egypt, in Lebanon, in the Blue Ridge, and now in Kyrgyzstan. It has just become this thing that I do, and it, for whatever reason, fills me with inexplicable joy. The same joy that exists when I write successful (if stupidly simple code) or when the bread I make rises as it should (I’m getting better at it, but its exciting every time).

On to the real thing – I’ve been trying to upgrade and streamline the site to make it easier to navigate and a better forum to communicate my experience here and my thoughts about what is going on (although an attempt to streamline my thought processes might prove to be more helpful…)

So, expect some changes around here. Some have already been introduced (an updated About section, a new FAQ section, a new look for the home page), and still others are on the way. I’m also going to try to be more consistent about updating content, particularly about the work that I do and Peace Corps’ Health Education Program in the Kyrgyz Republic.

But I also want to hear from you – what kind of information would you want to see on this site? Share your ideas in the comments, or you can contact me directly here.

Thanks for everything – Love from Bishkek,


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