Community Action for Health: Points on a Map

I’ve talked a lot about the Health Promotion Structure of Kyrgyzstan – from actors and structure, to context and networks – but a lot of jabbering about numbers and feedback loops and Soviet hold-overs doesn’t seem to put this network at the appropriate scale.

It’s big – over 1900 organizations spread throughout the whole country, not including the international partners and local organizations that partner and work with the Community Action for Health. But its also dense – Kyrgyzstan is, after all, slightly smaller than South Dakota, and 80% covered in mountains.

So what does that look like on a map?
фотоEach dot is a Village Health Committee or Rayon Health Committee, color-coated to match their management cluster. Imagine the diagrams I made replicated to match each dot, fit it in this complex system of organizations and efforts to improve the health of Kyrgyzstan’s communities.

For whatever reason, looking at points on a map both expands my perspective and localizes it. There is so much to do, and everything is contributing to something on a larger scale, but also – it’s there, working locally, making small differences everyday to communities across an entire nation.


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