Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, K22s!

Early this morning, the Kyrgyz Republic welcomed 55 new members to our Peace Corps community! Beyond the new faces and general excitement and somewhat overwhelmed expressions – as one Volunteer puts it, they are still asking, “what’s a Kyrgyzstan?” – each new Peace Corps Trainee brings with them different stories, different experiences, and a unique vision of service (and hopefully suitcases full of hot sauce). It was shocking to see how clean they all look.

A year ago, I was the same, emerging into the early morning dark overwhelmed, excited, and ready to get started. It’s a strange sort of path forward to see it repeated in so many new faces, and It’s hard to believe how fast this time has gone. I am so excited about working with these new people to help them make the difficult transition from Peace Corps Trainee to Peace Corps Volunteer.

Image: 6:30am, Chai-ich-i-stan On the road to Issyk-Kul.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, K22s!

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