You Can Serve, Too. #ApplyPC

Now, it’s easier to apply to the Peace Corps than ever. It took me nearly two years to start my service in the Kyrgyz Republic, but with the updated application process – including applying to specific posts and programs – you can begin your commitment to service now. (In fact, if you want to be a Health Education Volunteer in Kyrgyzstan like me, apply by October 15th!)

Service is a challenge. It asks a lot – dedicating two years of your life, committing your time and energy and effort to work that is hard, progress that is minute, and communities in need. Peace Corps is not about just you – it’s about what you can offer to others. It’s about how far you will go.

Have questions about my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer? Ask them here, or check the Frequently Asked Questions. You can learn more about Peace Corps, too, or read blogs of other Peace Corps Volunteers living in the Kyrgyz Republic.


2 thoughts on “You Can Serve, Too. #ApplyPC

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