About my Work

Health Promotion in KyrgyzstanHealth Promotion in the Kyrgyz Republic

I am a Health Education Volunteer at Peace Corps Kyrgyz Republic, working on improving the capacity of the overall health promotion system.

What is health promotion? According to the Ottawa Charter, health promotion is “the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health.”

I work at the Republican Centre for Health Promotion, the public health branch of the Ministry of Health, and the Association of Village Health Committees, a national NGO coordinating village-level civil society work promoting health in Kyrgyz Communities. My work at both organizations focuses on organizational development, change management, strategic planning, project design, and training.


World Wise Schools

As a part of Peace Corps’ Third Goal, I work with Mrs. Gregory’s Kindergarten classroom at John R. Good Elementary School. Find out more about Peace Corps’ World Wise School Program here.


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